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Partner Mark Weitz Named Insurance Commissioner of The Modoc Nation

The firm is proud to announce Partner Mark A. Weitz’s appointment as Insurance Commissioner of The Modoc Nation.

In addition to his practice in healthcare law and civil litigation, Mark has a long history as an insurance law attorney. He began his career working for the Liquidation Division of the Texas Department of Insurance, went on to become President and Chief Operating Officer of an insurance company, and has been litigating insurance matters and forming and managing captives since his return to private practice. He will now hold dual roles as head of the firm’s insurance and healthcare practices and Insurance Commissioner of the Modoc Nation.

In his position as Commissioner, Mark’s primary duty will be oversight and enforcement of the Tribe’s insurance code. With his extensive knowledge of insurance law, particularly captives, his directives also include management and growth of the Modoc Domicile, an arm of the Tribal government aimed at the domestic business domicile market, including providing a safer and more innovative alternative to the traditional offshore captive domiciliary.

The Modoc Nation is a federally recognized sovereign Native American Tribe under the leadership of Chief Robert Burkybile. In addition to business and insurance services, the Tribe, through various business holdings, also provides governments and commercial entities IT and management consulting, construction, and marketing and advertising services.

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