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Mark Weitz of Weitz Morgan

Mark A. Weitz

Partner & Insurance Commissioner of The Modoc Nation





Video Bio:

About Mark A. Weitz

As head of the firm’s healthcare, insurance, and litigation practices, Mark A. Weitz has more than 35 years assisting clients as an attorney and civil litigator.


Licensed to practice law in Texas since 1983 and in Florida since 1988, Mark is experienced in insurance law, health law, and civil litigation. As the former counsel to the Insurance Liquidator of Texas and a former insurance company executive, he has represented a diverse client base in a wide range of insurance and corporate related areas both domestic and internationally. With years of insurance experience and familiarity with industry issues from initial start-up to all aspects of operation, Mark has worked with companies on matters of legal compliance, reinsurance, agent issues, policy interpretation, captive formation and management, and if necessary, matters pertaining to solvency, including rehabilitation and/or receivership.

Mark also served as general counsel to a group of medical providers, including an ambulatory surgery center, overseeing all aspects of legal compliance and litigation. While in this role and since, he has been instrumental in assisting physicians, practices, and home healthcare providers in obtaining greater rate reimbursements through novel litigation strategies. Mark also represents physicians in peer review matters and board complaints. And, he is a preeminent med spa attorney, working with owners and directors in operations and board complaints.


With victories at the trial court and appellate levels, Mark also provides top-level legal representation to clients from diverse industries on matters related to commercial disputes, constitutional law issues, insurance, healthcare, international banking, and government regulation. A gifted trial lawyer and litigator with exceptional knowledge of procedure and litigation strategy, Mark's greatest strengths are his work product, oral advocacy skills, ability to see a matter’s issues from start to finish, strength of conviction, and movement of cases.

Mark also proudly serves a dual role as Insurance Commissioner of The Modoc Nation where he oversees and enforces the Tribe's insurance code. His other directives include growing and managing The Modoc Domicile, one of the many business divisions of The Nation, and its domestic captive insurance company domicile services.

Aside from a devotion to the law, Mark has been widely published in American legal/constitutional history and military history with a special emphasis on the American Civil War and has held teaching positions at several universities.




Legal Publications

  • The State Bar of Texas (1983)

  • The Florida Bar (1988)

  • United States District Court for the Western, Eastern, and Southern Districts of Texas 

  • University of Texas-Austin (B.A., Government, 1979)

  • Baylor Law School (J.D., 1983)

  • Texas State University (M.A., History, 1994)

  • Arizona State University (Ph.D., Philosophy, 1998)

  • The Sleepy Lagoon Murder Case: Race Discrimination and Mexican American Rights, University Press of Kansas

  • *Clergy Malpractice in America: Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley, University Press of Kansas

  • Congressman John J. Rhodes and Representation: The Case of Native American Water Rights, Western Legal History

  • The Confederacy on Trial: The Piracy and Sequestration Cases of 1861, University Press of Kansas.

*This book was part of a series entitled Landmark Law Cases and American Society thatreceivedthe American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects 2008 Scribes Award.

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