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Commercial Litigation & ADR

In commercial litigation, experience, strategy, and strength of conviction matter, but so does commitment to a client and an outcome. Significant consequences are at stake in any type of litigation and as such our attorneys personally invest in each case, dedicating resources, individualized attention, intellectual capacity, and fortitude to those who trust us to protect or advance their objectives.


Whether in the courtroom, at the bargaining table, or helping clients avoid risks without litigation, the attorneys working at Weitz Morgan have a long and proven track record of generating successful results for clients in their most critical of circumstances.


There are winners and there are losers in litigation. The right representation will help in ensuring you are best positioned for success.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

Having a combined 50+ years of litigation experience and a desire to put clients more in control of their litigation matters, Weitz Morgan founded a separate dispute resolution center. Weitz Morgan Mediation Group offers mediation and arbitration services to our attorney colleagues in the areas of government contracts, healthcare, insurance, and commercial litigation. To learn more visit WMMG's website at

Protecting & Advancing The Interests of Litigants

Litigation is king. Meaning, chances are high that at some point clients will face a lawsuit, especially corporate entities. When formal disputes arise and litigation posturing or the filing of a lawsuit ensues, counsel that can and will try the matter is a key determiner in success.


Companies and individuals face a variety of risks, and it is our job to identify those risks and provide reliable legal representation that combines strength of conviction, strategic decision making, and proven capabilities.

Whether parties are on the verge of suit, one has commenced, discovery and motions are in play, or trial is imminent, Weitz Morgan provides standard-setting litigation services that solve problems.


Clients want an advocate during litigation and at trial who will stand with and up for them so that their position is heard and advanced. Weitz Morgan has the experience, skill, character to do so.

Commercial Litigation Counseling & Readiness Preparation

Litigation counseling is the process by which we assist clients with building defenses or evaluating prospective litigation. The attorneys at Weitz Morgan have deep experience as litigators and are adept at developing creative and pre-emptive solutions to our clients’ problems.


Our attorneys are known for their substantive and procedural knowledge as well as for having an understanding of the business interests, market opportunities, and operational considerations that go into client decisions regarding moving forward with litigation or defending it.


We manage internal investigations, assist with compliance plans, and work with in-house counsel and board committees to identify problems before litigation ensues. We prepare cease and desist letters, conduct reviews and risk assessments, evaluate defensive positions and counterclaims, and advance varying strategies for the prosecution of claims.

By counseling on prevention and mitigation, we position our clients to avoid litigation or be in the best possible place to defend or pursue objectives in the event it ensues. By helping our clients address their most sensitive risk challenges, we enhance and maintain their hard-earned reputations, brands, and financial interests.​

Negotiated Solutions

Although we enjoy an impressive record of courtroom achievements, our lawyers seek to optimize case outcomes while managing the costs, time, and stress of a lawsuit on clients. Our reputation for diligent preparation and aggressive advocacy gives our clients a range of options to comfortably go to trial, to reach a favorable settlement, or to seek resolution through mediation or other alternative dispute resolution resources.


The attorneys working at Weitz Morgan have years of experience in mediations, arbitrations, and informal settlement negotiations. By providing the mediator (or opposing counsel) a view of the facts that can be supported by admissible evidence along with a reasonable evaluation of trial outcomes based on applicable legal authority, we ensure that a client’s position is thoroughly represented and argued.

Effective representation of clients in dispute resolution requires the same level of diligence and assertiveness as is required in presenting a trial. The outcome of a mediation or other alternative dispute resolution session depends, to a large degree, on the performance of counsel, so having the right attorneys who understand that preparation and advocacy are key to successful outcomes is a critical component to effective negotiated solutions.

Mark Weitz specializes in commercial litigation

Partner Mark A. Weitz is lead counsel on all commercial litigation and alternative dispute matters. Should you need assistance in this area, please contact him directly at 512-657-1849 or at  

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