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Firm Successfully Resolves Board Complaint

The firm secured a dismissal of a Texas Medical Board complaint at the investigation stage involving a bariatric surgeon in Brownsville, Texas. The complaint alleged the provider failed to meet the standard of care regarding a hernia surgery and the post-surgical complications. The firm was able to present evidence that the initial surgery was well within the standard of care and that the post operative complications were properly addressed.

Words successful board complaint resolution in white on blue box over picture of a stethoscope.

Weitz Morgan is a leading law firm in Texas in providing comprehensive advice and guidance to med spas. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and complexities faced by this rapidly growing industry, our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to helping med spas navigate the legal landscape successfully.


We recognize that med spas operate at the intersection of healthcare and beauty, which necessitates a multifaceted approach to representation. Our firm offers a range of services, including a flat-fee med spa formation package, tailored to meet the specific needs of med spas, ensuring compliance, mitigating risks, protecting licenses, and fostering a legally sound business environment.

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