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How We Help Texas Med Spas

We offer med spa owners and medical directors the opportunity to approach their legal matters in a comprehensive manner. And being located in Austin, we are on the doorstep of every state regulatory body that oversees the practice of medicine and operation of med spas in Texas.



















Specifically, some of the key areas in which Weitz Morgan provides assistance to med spas include:


Med Spa Formation Flat Fee: Getting a med spa up and running is no easy task and ensuring legal compliance from the beginning is critical to an all-around successful enterprise. After years of working with prospective med spa owners and routinely hearing their concern of recognizing they need legal assistance but being worried about the unknowns of the billable hour, we decided to price our formation services on a flat-fee basis. In this way, clients receive the basic, necessary legal counsel and documents needed to open their spa at a fair, knowable rate. In short, the formation package includes a thorough legal consultation, document drafting and preparation, an expedited formation process, and regulatory compliance assurance. 

Outside General Counsel Subscription: Representing many med spas, we realized a need existed for spas to have an attorney available to handle matters like that of a general counsel. Because we have extensive experience in the med spa industry and wanting to be able to fulfill this need, the firm decided to develop a subscription-based model for med spa general counsel services. In an era where legal services are essential yet often prohibitively expensive, a subscription-based model presents an innovative solution that explores the benefits, structure, and implementation of a subscription service aimed at providing consistent, affordable, and high-quality legal support to our med spa clients. View our white paper for more information

Regulatory Compliance: Med spas must adhere to various regulations and standards to ensure patient safety and maintain compliance with relevant healthcare laws. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of regulations imposed by government bodies such as the Texas Medical Board, the Texas Board of Nursing, the Texas Department of License and Regulation, and the Texas Department of State Health Services. We assist med spas in navigating these regulatory frameworks, establishing compliant operational procedures, and avoiding potential penalties or administrative disciplinary actions.


Licensing and Permitting: Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits is a crucial step for med spas to operate legally. Weitz Morgan assists med spas in understanding the licensing requirements in Texas and guides these clients through the application process, ensuring they meet all necessary criteria. We also provide ongoing support to help med spas maintain their licenses and permits in good standing.


Contracts and Agreements: Med spas frequently enter into agreements with various stakeholders, including medical directors, employees, independent contractors, vendors, and clients. Our legal team assists in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, such as employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, vendor contracts, lease agreements, and client consent forms. We ensure that these agreements protect the interests of our clients and comply with applicable laws and industry best practices. 


Privacy and Data Security: Med spas handle sensitive patient information, making privacy and data security a top priority. Our firm advises med spas on creating and implementing comprehensive privacy policies and data protection protocols to ensure compliance with regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We also assist in developing incident response plans and provide guidance on breach notification procedures.


Litigation and Dispute Resolution: In the unfortunate event of a legal dispute or litigation, Weitz Morgan provides skilled representation. Our attorneys have extensive experience in med spa-related litigation, including malpractice claims, contractual disputes, employment matters, and regulatory violations. We work diligently to protect our clients' interests, whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.


Board Complaints and Investigations: Failure to comply with the rules governing physicians, nurses, and med spa owners in Texas can result in a board complaint filed against any owner or medical director of the med spa. Our healthcare attorneys have extensive experience in representing medical professionals in defending their license to practice in Texas. We also represent individuals charged by regulatory boards for the unlawful practice of medicine. The process of defending a board complaint can be complex and involves several phases, beginning with the initial complaint through advocacy at the administrative level and ultimately appeal to a district court and court of appeals. The firm’s expertise in the regulations governing med spas and our over 40 years of litigation experience and skill enable us to successfully guide our clients to successful outcomes in these administrative proceedings. 


At Weitz Morgan, we are committed to staying updated on the latest legal developments impacting the med spa industry in Texas. Our comprehensive legal services, combined with our deep industry knowledge, enable med spas to focus on providing exceptional care and service while maintaining compliance with the law.


When you choose Weitz Morgan you can trust that you have a dedicated legal partner by your side, providing reliable advice to help your med spa thrive in a rapidly evolving legal landscape.


If you think we can be of assistance to you, please contact one of our attorneys. We will be happy to discuss your matter and how we can help.

Mark A Weitz is an attorney for healthcare professionals

Partner Mark A. Weitz is lead counsel on all healthcare regulatory and litigation matters. Should you need assistance in this area, please contact him directly at 512-657-1849 or at  

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