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Med Spa Outside General Counsel

The purpose of a general counsel is to serve as the primary attorney who gives legal advice to a company. The general counsel advises on regulatory compliance, business deals, transactions and contracts, employee matters, risk mitigation, and much more. He or she is a key legal figure med spa owners can turn to for counsel in almost all aspects of operations.


Representing many med spas, we realized a need existed for spas to have an attorney available to handle matters like that of a general counsel. Because we have extensive experience in the med spa industry and wanting to be able to fulfill this need, the firm decided to develop a subscription-based model for med spa general counsel services.


In an era where legal services are essential yet often prohibitively expensive, a subscription-based model presents an innovative solution. This white paper explores the benefits, structure, and implementation of a subscription service aimed at providing consistent, affordable, and high-quality legal support to our med spa clients.




The Benefits:

  • Cost Predictability: Clients can budget for legal expenses with a fixed monthly fee, avoiding unexpected bills.


  • Access to Continuous Legal Support: Clients receive ongoing legal assistance, which can prevent issues from escalating.


  • Comprehensive Legal Coverage: Our subscription plans include a wide range of services, ensuring clients have access to the legal support they need.


  • Increased Efficiency: With regular legal consultations, clients can make informed decisions promptly, reducing potential risks.


  • Established Relationship: Clients create a relationship with a trusted advisor that gets to know their business and company over time, have prioritized access to that attorney, receive exceptional legal advice and work product on all of their matters, and most importantly engage in a prospective stance when it comes to legal issues and compliance.

What's Included:

  • You will have unlimited phone and email access to advice from your assigned attorney.

  • You may send all non-litigation related documents to your assigned attorney for review.

  • Document drafting is included in the Med Spa Outside General Counsel subscription. You  receive up to 4 documents per year.

  • You will receive a discount of 10% off the hourly rate of your assigned attorney should it be necessary for the attorney to assist you in an out of subscription matter.

  • You will be invited to a subscriber-only Zoom question and answer session to be held four times a year.

**Terms and conditions apply. Download our white paper to read more.


The cost for a Med Spa Outside General subscription is $500 per month, just over the price of one hour of our attorneys’ time at their hourly billable rate.

Mark A Weitz is an attorney for healthcare professionals

Partner Mark A. Weitz is lead counsel on all healthcare regulatory and litigation matters. Should you need assistance in this area, please contact him directly at 512-657-1849 or at  

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