Mark A. Weitz

Attorney Mark Weitz

Mark A. Weitz


Practice Area: Commercial Litigation


As head of the firm’s litigation practice, Mark A. Weitz has more than 35 years assisting clients as a civil litigator.

With victories at the trial court and appellate levels, Mr. Weitz provides top-level legal representation to clients from diverse industries on matters related to commercial disputes, constitutional law issues, insurance, healthcare, international banking, and government regulation. A gifted trial lawyer and litigator with exceptional knowledge of procedure and litigation strategy, Mr. Weitz’s greatest strengths are his work product, oral advocacy skills, ability to see a matter’s issues from start to finish, strength of conviction, and movement of cases.

Aside from a devotion to the law, Mr. Weitz has been widely published in American legal/constitutional history and military history with a special emphasis on the American Civil War and has held teaching positions at several universities.


  • The State Bar of Texas (1983)
  • The Florida Bar (1988)


  • University of Texas-Austin (B.A., Government, 1979)
  • Baylor Law School (J.D., 1983)
  • Texas State University (M.A., History, 1994)
  • Arizona State University (Ph.D., Philosophy, 1998)

Legal Publications:

  • The Sleepy Lagoon Murder Case: Race Discrimination and Mexican American Rights, University Press of Kansas
  • *Clergy Malpractice in America: Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley, University Press of Kansas
  • Congressman John J. Rhodes and Representation: The Case of Native American Water Rights, Western Legal History
  • The Confederacy on Trial: The Piracy and Sequestration Cases of 1861, University Press of Kansas.

*This book was part of a series entitled Landmark Law Cases and American Society that received the American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects 2008 Scribes Award.