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Introducing our law firm
Weitz Morgan: Legal Malpratice Attorneys in Austin, Texas


Our Practice

Weitz Morgan strives to be the firm individuals and businesses turn to for legal representation in government contracting, healthcare matters, and commercial litigation.

Founded by two legal attorneys who believe in providing personalized services and professional mastery to each client, Weitz Morgan brings together Mark A. Weitz and Kristi Morgan Aronica.

Mark has more than 30 years of experience assisting professionals in legal matters specifically related to healthcare, from board complaints to practice formation and administration to reimbursements litigation. 

Kristi has demonstrated expertise in the regulatory-wrought complexities of the government contracts marketplace. She works with businesses, new and seasoned, to obtain, administer, and protect procurement, grant, and cooperative agreement awards. 

Practice Areas

Government Contracts

Contractors & Subcontractors

The firm represents prime contractors and subcontractors at every level of the procurement process and across industry sectors.


Physicians, Nurses, & Practices

Weitz Morgan counsels on practice operations and advocates in licensure administrative procedures and in judicial forums.

Commercial Litigation & ADR

Businesses & Attorneys 

The firm represents individuals and entities in legal disputes and offers mediation and arbitration services to fellow attorneys. 

Our Founders
Our Philosophy

Weitz Morgan was founded in 2006 by attorneys who believe in providing exceptional work product without sacrificing the overall client experience. The firm operates on a three-part model of excellence that focuses equally on knowledge, service, and value. Through this approach we have proudly been able to deliver to our clients the highest standard of successful legal representation for over 15 years. 

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