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How We Help Medical Service Providers

The prospect of having to deal with all of the legal issues that confront the medical profession can be daunting. We provide the legal expertise to help healthcare professionals deal with the wide range of issues that confront them and in the process address legal problems as interconnected aspects of a single business, rather than disjointed problems that are dealt with on an ad hoc basis without considering how one legal problem may affect another.


The need to grow one's business demands consideration of issues like physician advertising because unlike non-professionals there are limits to what medical providers can represent in efforts to broaden their client base. Similarly, many physicians are finding that self-funding their malpractice coverage through some type of captive vehicle is an attractive option. In the process they can decrease cost, control risk, and perhaps provide an additional income stream. However, captives are typically non-admitted companies, and although a legal and valid means of protecting against malpractice, hospitals and other facilities that provide privileges may not be aware that captives do satisfy the malpractice insurance requirement. Physicians have to be prepared to address concerns based on this lack of familiarity.


We offer healthcare providers the opportunity to approach their legal matters in a comprehensive manner, and located in Austin, Texas we are on the doorstep of every state regulatory body that one might need to contact. Specifically, some of our services include:


License Defense

Medical Malpractice Defense

Physician Ambulatory Surgery Centers

General Litigation Services

Physician-Hospital Joint Ventures

Billing and Collection Assistance

Facility Accreditation/Compliance

Captive Formation (formation and management)

Insurance Advice (malpractice insurance and alternatives)

Third Party Payor Negotiations

Disputes with Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payors

Stark Law and Anti-Kickback Law Analysis and Compliance

Representation before Governmental Agencies

Physician Group Practice Development and Representation


The above does not represent a complete listing of the services we offer to the healthcare industry. Each situation is different and oftentimes requires the combination of a variety of services to fulfill client needs. Our goal is to be a source of complete information and counsel on all legal matters that a professional or business in the healthcare industry needs.


If you think we can be of assistance to you, please contact one of our attorneys. We will be happy to discuss your matter and how we can help.

Mark A Weitz is an attorney for healthcare professionals

Partner Mark A. Weitz is lead counsel on all healthcare regulatory and litigation matters. Should you need assistance in this area, please contact him directly at 512-657-1849 or at  

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