Mark A. Weitz | Esq.

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As head of the firm’s litigation practice, Mark Weitz has more than 25 years assisting clients as a civil litigator. Licensed to practice law in Texas since 1983 and in Florida since 1988, Mark is experienced in civil and appellate litigation, business and corporate litigation, insurance law and captives, health law, employment law, constitutional law, international banking, and government regulation. He is a gifted trial lawyer and litigator with exceptional knowledge of procedure and litigation strategy.

As former counsel to the Insurance Liquidator of Texas and a former insurance company executive, Mark has represented a diverse client base in a wide range of insurance and corporate related areas both domestic and internationally. Additionally, Mark served as the general counsel of a group of medical service providers in Texas handling insurance and corporate administration issues as well as overseeing all litigation.

Aside from a devotion to the law, Mark has been widely published in American legal/constitutional history and military history with a special emphasis on the American Civil War and has held teaching positions at several universities.


  • The State Bar of Texas (1983)
  • The Florida Bar (1988)


  • University of Texas-Austin (B.A., Government, 1979)
  • Baylor Law School (J.D., 1983)
  • Texas State University (M.A., History, 1994)
  • Arizona State University (Ph.D., Philosophy, 1998)

Legal Publications:

  • The Sleepy Lagoon Murder Case: Race Discrimination and Mexican American Rights, University Press of Kansas
  • *Clergy Malpractice in America: Nally v. Grace Community Church of the Valley, University Press of Kansas
  • Congressman John J. Rhodes and Representation: The Case of Native American Water Rights, Western Legal History
  • The Confederacy on Trial: The Piracy and Sequestration Cases of 1861, University Press of Kansas.

*This book was part of a series entitled Landmark Law Cases and American Society that received the American Society of Writers on Legal Subjects 2008 Scribes Award.

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