Weitz Morgan Secures Favorable Hidalgo County Jury Verdict Against PlainsCapital Bank

Weitz Morgan is pleased to announce that its Litigation Practice Group, along with co-counsel Reynaldo Ortiz of the Law Office of Reynaldo Ortiz, LP, recently obtained a favorable verdict in a jury trial against PlainsCapital Bank.

The jury found PlainsCapital Bank liable for the fraud committed by former First National Bank’s President Saul Ortega against Plaintiff, Ricardo Diaz Miranda. Not only did they find PlainsCapital Bank responsible for First National Bank’s fraud, but they also found PlainsCapital Bank had breached its agreement with Mr. Diaz regarding several promissory notes. Additionally, the jury awarded $100,000 in attorneys’ fees and eliminated $5.3 million of debt PlainsCapital Bank was claiming was owed to it as a deficiency under the invalidated notes. #successstories #representativematters

C-6048-13-E; Ricardo Diaz Miranda v. PlainsCapital Bank; in the 275th District Court of Hidalgo County, Texas