As a leading legal boutique in insurance, commercial, constitutional, and administrative order litigation, government contracts, and transactions, Weitz Morgan emphasizes expertise, results, service, and value in the client experience. We believe focusing on serving your legal needs, fulfilling your non-legal needs, and doing so at best value enables us to provide you with the highest standard of legal representation.

Serving Your Legal Needs - We help you succeed by providing legal services in Civil Litigation, Captive Formation and Management, Legal Counseling, Appeals/Amicus Briefs, Dispute Resolution (mediation/arbitration), Government Contracts, and Business Transactions.

Our clients receive representation from attorneys with expertise in Insurance Law, Constitutional Law, Litigation of Administrative Board Decisions, Commercial Litigation of Business Disputes, Government Contracts, and Business Transactions.

In assisting you reach your specific goals, you will receive excellent work product, meeting of promised deadlines, accessible and responsive attorneys, aggressive (but reasonable) advocacy, attorneys actively working your file, regular communication, a clear explanation of the phases of litigation and or contracts along with possible outcomes, and a promise to always keep your goal in mind and to revisit/reevaluate that goal with you periodically.

Fulfilling Your Non-Legal Needs - Engaging an attorney to provide legal work involves more than ensuring that the attorney is knowledgeable in the area of law that your matter requires. The non-legal needs of clients are also important, and at Weitz Morgan we meet those by providing you a high degree of personalized service that includes:
  • responsiveness (all forms of communication will be responded to and done so promptly; usually within 24 hours),
  • flexibility and availability to the client (attorneys are readily available and "on-call" for phone calls and emails, even during non-work hours),
  • assurance (we are there for the client during difficult times and the client is important as an individual to our attorneys),
  • leadership/direction (attorneys counsel clients with direct action plans), and
  • empowerment (clients have a powerful advocate and trusted advisor).

How Much Will It Cost? - The ultimate question in deciding to purchase a professional service for many of us revolves around cost. We understand that attorneys' fees can be significant and as such do our best to provide the best value to our clients.

Our fees are primarily billed on an hourly basis for the work performed with expenses billed at cost to the client. We bill on a twice-monthly basis (unless monthly is requested) so that you are not surprised with a large invoice and can better control attorney billings and expenses. Typically, a retainer is required for matters that require hourly billings or have large expenses. We realize that some matters lend themselves to alternative billing arrangements such as contingency, flat fees, installment payments, preparation of budgets or estimates, and we readily utilize such fee set ups when appropriate. We do not charge for routine, short phone calls and emails and accept credit cards.

We believe our fees represent an excellent value to clients given the legal product and personal service rendered, and as always clients are encouraged to voice any concerns regarding fees with our attorneys so that we can work to find a fair and comfortable solution.
Mark Weitz - Texas Attorney Kristi Morgan Weitz - Texas Attorney

Mark Weitz heads the firm's national litigation practice, arguing client matters in courts across the country. Mark successfully serves his clients as counsel and advocate through his more than 25 years of experience and knowledge as a civil litigator, insurance expert, and constitutional lawyer. He routinely assists his clients in high-level, complex legal disputes in state and federal courts and with sophisticated transactional matters.

Kristi Morgan Weitz assists our clients with litigation, government contracts, and transactional matters. Kristi has worked with businesses of all sizes in successful lawsuits, obtaining government contracts, negotiating and drafting commercial contracts, and business formations. She is also the firm's managing partner and as such encourages clients to contact her with any questions or concerns they may have regarding services and billings.

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Client Service Statement - We are committed to serving our clients by providing full-service legal representation through advocacy and guidance in litigation, government contracts, and transactional matters by placing a high degree of importance on personal service with an emphasis on client communication and goals, and by offering professional legal services at a best value given our expertise, experience, and flexible billing practices.